ThermaTru Patio and Terrace Doors

terraceA patio or terrace door is a popular feature in any home, providing access to the outdoors while also creating a focal point for interiors. At Home Window and Doors, we only sell high quality, low maintenance doors. Whether a sliding or hinged door, at Home Window and Doors, we will have the right door for you.

PH Doors

Ranked as best in the market, PH Doors are high quality and high performing PVC doors throughout their lifetime. Their innovative design is impact resistant and has a combination of weather-stripping for accrued thermal insulation and protection system. Their multi-chamber profiles also help to reduce outdoor noise. PH Tech doors are also rigorously tested and guaranteed and their ecoresponsive technology is designed to maximise reduce waste and optimize energy consumption.


Home Window and Doors is a trusted ThermaTru retailer and the only dealer of excellence within Ontario. ThermaTru carry a variety of hinged or sliding Patio doors and terrace door systems. ThermaTru fiberglass doors are energy efficient, require minimal maintenance and offer wood-grain or smooth finish looks. Their reinforced windows help provide weather protection and security. ThermaTru Doors are also tamper-resistant; they have an adjustable locking system which delivers added security and peace of mind to the buyer.

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